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Switching Gears June 16, 2009

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Recently, most of my posts have been of the blast-from-the-past variety.  I typically go back several months to review the technology resources that I collected during a specific week and highlight those of particular interest.

I feel compelled now to redirect some of my posts toward things that are currently happening in our school and our plans for the future.

So, what’s cooking in the Paris School District?

We’re making the leap to Google Apps this school year…more on that in a later post.

I am attending a “Podcasting for Your PC” workshop tomorrow.

I will be accompanying a team of elementary teachers and our elementary principal at the NECC Conference in D.C. at the end of this month.  I hope to have time to make several blog posts while we’re in D.C.  If not, I certainly will after the conference.

We are allocating a significant portion of our stimulus money toward the acquisition of additional technology for our teachers and students.

I am in the early phases of developing a partnership with the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith in which we will work collaboratively to improve the ability of educators, both our current staff and their prospective teachers, to integrate handheld technology.

Preparing for the upcoming release of the competitive EETT technology grant will take up an increasing amount of my time.  We have successfully secured $225,000 over the past two years in EETT funds.  This money, and the subsequent professional development, has led to a tremendous change in our elementary school and has allowed us to lay an outstanding foundation for our future technology integration efforts.

That’s a quick look at just a few of the things that we have going on this summer.  It’s enough to keep me jumping but I still get that question that drives administrators crazy…”What do you do up there all summer without any kids or teachers?”



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