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Handheld Resources for Productivity & Student Engagement June 3, 2009

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During the 2008-09 school year, we purchased a Palm TX for every teacher at Paris Elementary School.

These devices were primarily used to facilitate the process of Diebels testing.  Incorporating the Palm during the Diebels process helped our teachers be much more productive and saved valuable instruction time.

One of our goals is to continue to increase the ability of our faculty to use technology, including handheld devices, to become more productive.  By automating routine tasks, we hope to enable our teachers to spend more time planning rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning activities for our students.

Another goal of our handheld movement is to put as much technology as possible in the hands of students (Palm, iPod, iPod Touch, even cell phones) to not only make lessons more engaging, but to make our curriculum materials available anywhere, anytime.

It is our view that students should be able to access podcasts, lecture materials, videos, and files that will support their learning whenever they need those materials.

This will require an investment in the devices, supposing that we do not allow students to use the devices that they already own, and a considerable amount of professional development.

For this blast-from-the-past post (Oct. 5-11, 2008), I’ve identified several resources that should help us move forward with this initiative.



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