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Top 10 Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom April 6, 2009

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After reviewing all the resources that I linked to during the week of August 24-30, 2008, I decided to highlight a video found on the Box of Tricks website for our blast-from-the-past this week.  This video outlines J. Picardo’s Top 10 Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom and provides a brief description of each tool that he references.

His list is…

1. Use streaming video– Picardo eludes to YouTube because of the wealth of educational material that can be found there.  However, access to YouTube is blocked in many schools.  So, work around the system by learning to download YouTube videos from home and save them for playback in your classroom.  Or, have one computer in the media center that is allowed to access YouTube so that the Media Specialist can arrange to download the video(s) that you want without worrying about students accessing the site.

Here are all of my YouTube links and links about downloading YouTube.

Also, remember that there are other sites out there that probably aren’t blocked by your school like TeacherTube and SchoolTube.

Here are all of my Video links.

2. Use music more often- iTunes is referenced in the video but also check out this page of music links and the related tags that span from A to Z.

3. Use teleconferencing tools- The primary resource that comes to mind for teleconferencing is Skype. If Skype is blocked at your school, see if you can get it unblocked and/or check out these videoconferencing links.

4. Create your own interactive activities- HotPotatoes, GameMakers, & ContentGenerator were all referenced in the video.

5. Use your interactive/Smartboard more effectively- Seek out professional development opportunities that will enable you to become a proficient user of the interactive board in your room.  Locate templates and files that have already been created for you.

SmartBoard tutorials can be found at Atomic Learning.  I have also linked to several others on my delicious page.

Other SmartBoard resources.

Notebook resources, templates, etc.

6. Create your own podcasts- The audio tools that Picardo mentions are Audacity and Garage Band.

Other podcasting resources.

7. Start a blog or wiki- There are several tools available for teachers to easily create and manage blogs and wikis.  This blog is managed through WordPress.

Blogging resources

Examples of classroom/teacher blogs

Wiki resources

Examples of classroom/teacher wikis

8. Use social networks- Good luck getting Facebook or MySpace unbloced at your school!  Why not learn to use some other sites that allow teachers to create private social networks?

Two examples are Ning & Edmodo.

Resources to learn about social networks in schools.

9. Use internet tools- There is a wealth of internet/Web 2.0 tools that can transform your classroom and are free to use.

Web 2.0- What it is and useful tools for teachers

Cool Tools 4 Schools Wiki

Web 2.0 Links

10. Make the most of your pupils’ gadgets- Most students own an iPod or other MP3 player and/or a cell phone with internet capabilities, a camera, etc.  Whether of not they are allowed to bring them into the classroom is another question.

Resources on how teachers are using cell phones, iPods, the iPod Touch, and other handheld devices.


If all of this seems a little overwhelming and you think that there is NO WAY that you could learn to do all of these things, start small.  The key is to do SOMETHING that will engage your students and bring your classroom into the 21st century.

Then, do something else.

Never stop growing professionally.  Model the life-long learning skills that you want your students to have and that they will need to be successful.

That’s my sermon for the day!



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