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Using Diigo & Delicious Simultaneously March 31, 2009

Posted by timsparacino in Technology Integration, Web 2.0.
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If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’ve mentioned and linked to my delicious page several times.  That’s where I have been storing all of the technology resources that I find.

Several months ago I set up a Diigo account and was intrigued by the additional options that the social bookmarking tool has to offer- the ability to highlight and/or leave comments on certain portions of a web page, post directly to Twitter, etc.

It is my opinion that Diigo could be a much more powerful tool for teachers than Delicious.

However, I hesitated to jump right in with Diigo because I have conducted training with our teachers on using Delicious and have spent several hours promoting the site, encouraging people to subscribe, etc.

Today I read an entry on the Diigo blog about using the two tools simultaneously then set-up my Diigo account to automatically post to the old Delicious site.  After a couple of tests, I think that I’m ready to fully convert to Diigo.

This move will NOT effect your use of my delicious page.  It will remain as it always has and will continue to be regularly updated whenever I bookmark additional sites on my new Diigo page.

So, if you prefer Diigo, check out my new page. If you’re satisfied with Delicious, carry on.

If you’d like to learn to use both simultaneously, check out this Diigo blog post.

To learn more about how social bookmarking is being used in education, search either site for the “socialbookmarking” tag.



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