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It’s All About Web 2.0 March 18, 2009

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For our blast-from-the-past this week, we go back to August 10-16, 2008.

A lot of resources that I highlighted that week on my delicious page were Web 2.0 tools.

What is Web 2.0?  Web 2.0 refers to the concept of websites that provide tools (usually free) that enable collaboration to create and share information on the web.

Web 2.0 tools pertain to blogs, wikis, document sharing, social bookmarking, social networks, image editing and sharing, etc.

Click here for an extensive review of Web 2.0 tools and links.

The tools that I’ve chosen to spotlight from the week of August 10-16, 2008 are:

Twitter is an online application that is part blog, part social networking site, and part cell phone/IM tool. It is designed to let users describe what they are doing or thinking at a given moment in 140 characters or less.

How does that pertain to education?  Click here for 20 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom.

Other Twitter resources:

7 Things You Should Know About Twitter

Twitter Links

Another useful way to use Twitter is to incorporate it into your personal learning network.  Find and follow other educators and/or associations that “tweet” to stay current on issues related to your profession.

Using the Power of Twitter: Building Online Learning

Twitter4Teachers – An extensive list of educators on Twitter  – categorized by subject area / grade level
Who Should I Follow? – Find new Twitter Friends
Mr.Tweet – Discover great people relevant to your current needs

The list of Twitter related tools is growing every day.  Stay tuned by subscribing to all the updates on my delicious page or directly to the new Twitter resources in your RSS reader.

  • VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a powerful way to talk about and share your images, documents, and video. VoiceThreads might best be described as interactive media albums. They are essentially online slide shows of images, documents, or videos that enable viewers to comment on any slide (or at any point in the video) by typing, recording an audio or video comment, or drawing on the image itself.

Teachers have been early adopters of the easy-to-learn technology, which has led to the launch of Ed.VoiceThread.com, a secure site just for educators and their students.

VoiceThread- One Page Guide

VoiceThread Links

Integrating Web 2.0 tools into your instruction can enhance the engagement level of your students and lead to increased achievement.



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